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Monday, February 25, 2019

February Rudolph day Challenge

Well there was no Rudolph Day Challenge in January so we have had plenty of time to prepare some cards for this month.
When I take my decorations down on 6th January, after the Christmas festivities, I gather all my cards together and look through them once more. There are always many that I don't want to throw away, but obviously I can't keep them all, so I carefully gather all the ones with images, sentiments, embellishments that I think I could use again... but I never do! I am sure I am not the only one who does this?
So this year, I was much more selective about which ones I kept, and made up  my mind to use them straight away. I always make sure that my cards end up very different from the originals, so I feel there is a 'bit of me' in their design, so here are a few sets I made.

The first set use a simple image with a new frame and new background.

The next ones are now mounted onto rectangular base cards, with added frames and stamping. The lower one is a salvaged frame with a new stamped image in the aperture.
And the final ones are back on my favourite 13.5 square base cards with backing papers and stamping, and heat embossed sentiments. N:B: The stars punched from the border under the shepherds, are dotted around the donkey in the set above. 'Waste not, Want not' as the saying goes.
So I am happy that this year my salvaged pieces have not gone to waste, and I have a nice set of cards to start off this year's collection.
So I will be linking up with February Rudolph Day Challenge at Scraps of life by Scrappy Mo, and then I'll start thinking about March's contribution!!