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Thursday, August 4, 2011

WOYWW 113?

My friend Di from Pixie's Crafty Workshop, has been encouraging me to join you so here I am. The main reason I haven't done this before is that there is usually the same thing on my work desk everyweek - Nothing! - except for one or two fat and furry cats. Baggins and Arwen consider my craft room to be their territory and view me as an intruder. So everytime I leave the room I have to put everything away, or they will ruin it. However, when I am busy in there I physically shove them over to give me enough space to work in, as I did last night when I was working on a welcome card for my first great-grandson due in around three weeks time. My visitors arrive on Monday and go home the day he is due so I am hoping they will take my card with them and post it in UK. Here is the rest of my space.

To the right of my desk is my paper store, now all sorted into design types and stored in the shelves hubby bought for me last Christmas. So nice not to have it all dog-eared (or should I say cat-eared). The fan is another reason why I put everything away. It is always on, and it lifts my bits and pieces and deposits them in the most obscure places! Along side that is a tall bookcase. All the big files contain my stamp collection. I have taken just about all the mounted ones off their wood blocks and put them on EZmount. Then I can store them on laminated sheets in plastic pockets with a stamped image for quick reference, and file them according to their image. The yellow tray just peeping out on top of some of the files, is where I put my current work when I have to leave it before it is finished. Every week or so I clear it off and start again.

Next to the bookshelf is my tall filing cabinet with all my plain card and paper in, along with boxes of embellishments, all sorted and labelled. It actually gave me great pleasure to achieve this, and it is now so much easier to find things. Mind you, there are a lot of long-forgotten items nestled at the bottom of each box, but it is fun to have a root now and then and use some of them up. And on the wall behind me I have also moved into the shelves section of the built in wardrobe. In here I store my Christmas stash, ribbons and flowers, prefolded cards and envelopes, smaller pads of paper and card, and anything else that hasn't got a home.

To the left of my desk there is a box of 'sticking mediums', my copic markers because they are in constant use, and small drawers holding some of my ink pads, fancy scissors, oddments of stationery etc, and underneath I have embossing powders, glitter, and everything for my cuttlebug.

And finally, in front of my workspace (which this morning has the white cat on it!) is my computer desk, with printer and craftrobo always connected, and few other drawers containing pens, pencils, paints etc.

So now you have been all around my room. I am so lucky to have my own space, with almost continuous blue skies and sun shine outside, and my furry friends to keep me company while I work.

Now I shall link this to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, and see what everyone else has on their workspace this week.


Made by Mandy said...

How lovely to 'share' your space with the puddy cats when they allow you of course!!

I'm not sure I am brave enough to show what is on my workdesk as it is always a mess. My working space is so small that it gets messed up very quickly.... maybe one day LOL

Love Mandy xxx

Jill said...

Hi Kate!

Your work workspce looks fab and even more so with the inclusion of 2 gorgeous kittehs!!

I can't really see my work desk at the moment. My Dad decided to get rid of some of his old art supplies (to my house) and they're all over the desk. Need to tidy them away.

Hope you're well.



fatmonica said...

I'm so jealous of your workspace.All those shelves-perfect for the cats to lounge on!I'm stuck in the kitchen on whatever surface I can find boo hoo!

Tammy said...

What great space, Di encouranged me to join in too! Thanks for sharing

Yogi said...

looks like a nice comfortable workspace. Have a great day

Di said...

Welcome to WOYWW Kate! I'm booking a flight right away to come and play :) Don't panic, only kidding! What a ton of goodies you have - and your cats for company, plus sunshine. Bliss!! Di xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there - welcome to WOYWW!! I'm a recent convert too and am now hooked :D You have a great crafting space, really organised! I have to keep my cats out of the craft room too, or else....carnage..!! xx

Angie said...

Welcome to the ever expanding band of WOYWWers. I try to keep the cats out but usually one or two sneak in. This really is addictive but no one bothers if you are awol or take a break ...we all just love to see what you are up to and I love the personal bits too ....like ... wow .. you are to be a GGmum.
I joined JD when she first had the idea ...hard to believe that this is the 113th week of it. xx

Hazel said...

Hi Kate - I know how you feel having a cat in your craft room - mine normally comes and plonks himself right on whatever I am working on! What an awesome craft room - and so tidy and organised too! I will look forward to checking back with you to see what your next creation is. Take care. Hazel x

Kim Dellow said...

Great peek into your crafty space - love it! Kim

Shirley-anne said...

Oh my goodness so neat and organised . Most times I have a
12" x12" clear space on my desk to create on .I have lots of drawers ...all full . lots of shelves ..all full, sometimes I have to walk in sideways to get to my PC .May be I should shout you lunch to come and " do over my room"
Thanks for showing off your room though . hugs Shirley-anne .