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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Life

I have been absent from my blog for a while because I have been getting to grips with a new experience, and I decided to give it my full attention. Most of you are aware that last year I followed a project called 365+1 which entailed taking a photo everyday and pasting each month into a photo-mask to produce a scrapbook page. I am glad I managed to stick with it and now I have a lovely scrapbook that shows in pictures how I spent my year. Doing this taught me quite a lot about how to use my new camera, and I also mastered the technique of clipping a photo to a mask. I had hoped to garner other useful tips about using Adobe photo shop, but most of it still remains a mystery to me.
I didn't want to do 365 again, so this year I have decided to try a Project Life book. This entails making a completely digital double spread for each week of the year, using masks, journalling card, embellishments etc. To get me started I bought a one week course from Jessica Sprague, which is why I have been too busy to do much crafting. I wanted to do the whole course before I started, and then I had to catch up by making the pages for the first two weeks. I am delighted with this mini course and have learned so much in just six lessons and a couple of bonus tracks. Now each Sunday I just have to do the pages for that week, and as the year passes I will get much quicker, and by the end of the year I should be much more proficient at using photo shop, and have the confidence to tackle more individual pages for my other scrapbooks, using a wider  selection of techniques, and relying less on templates and masks. They also won't be purely digi pages. I shall aim for a hybrid scrapbook with a digital background and 'real' embellishments.

So just to prove I really have been doing it, here are my first two weeks.
I wouldn't want you to think I have abandoned my papercrafting and I have actually made one card as well, but it was for my Grandson's 18th birthday so I will  write a post about that in a day or two, once I am sure he has seen it. 


Annie said...

Ok wow Kate that is really gorgeous. Well done you and good luck with completing your project.
Maybe you would like to use your skills to snap something that has made you smile and link it on my blog to join in the fun over there.
A x

Ali Wade said...

They are fabulous. I am not sure if I am going to attempt to use Photoshop. Most people say it is more difficult than Serif, but then it is so widely used. I did get a version with my new graphics tablet, so might have a play to see for myself.

veronica said...

good luck Kate - great results so far, you will have a fab pictorial diary when it is finished

viv said...

lovely lay outs

Carol said...

Hi Kate, apologies for the length of time I haven't beeen intouch.....where does the time go!!!?? You have been so busy. i'm pleased you completed 365/1 That must have been a lot of work, but wow what memories you will have to look back on and this project too seems equally inspiring. Your course certainly seems to have been fun and the two weekly layouts are great. I am in awe at the amount of lovely marmalade that you have made and the lovely pics of the dogs are gorgeous.
Hope your weather is good we have a foot of snow here at the mo so am staying in and hopefully will have time to play.
Thanks for your continued comments on my blog!1
Carol xx

Saskia said...

Looks wonderful, Kate!

fatmonica said...

These look fabulous!I always think about doing something like this but never do so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your year!

MaxineD said...

You have been busy - and the results look fabulous.