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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I nearly didn't make it this week, and as you can see, there is nothing to show on my desk today except my new eBosser machine that I bought to replace my aging cuttlebug, (the jury is still out on how good an idea that was), and the wonderful stickles glue carousel that Julia showed us a week or so ago. It is a brilliant concept and mine is already full! The glass kitchen mat, I picked up at a table top sale last week to give me a firm layer when I am colouring, so I don't pick up all the cuts and bumps on my green mats.

I have to eat my words about the 'really use boxes' and storage company being slow to deliver. I received an e-mail within a few days of my order, to say the parcels were ready for collection by the courier, and even as I was just starting this post, a white van drew up outside, and they have arrived! The sad thing is that I have just too many dead-lines in this run up to Christmas, so they have had to go into the garage for a couple of weeks at least, before I can begin to think about sorting out my room.
My actual desk today was a table at my Wednesday group where I was asked to help with a group of ladies who were having an introduction to bobbin lace making. I kept an eye on these three, and between them they kept me busy all morning, but they were all doing well by the end of the session. They will need one more week to finish off their work. But look at the concentration on those faces!
This is what we were making. I actually did mine last week, in a pretty silver thread but it doesn't really show in the photo.

My afternoon work desk is in the kitchen table. I am in mince-pie mode now, with orders for sixty dozen so far, and that's rising! I started last Friday and had another session on Monday. I have done twenty-four dozen so far, and need to do a few more today. Then I have to get some of them wrapped up for a sale down in Mojacar tomorrow.

So now I will link this to the blog of our lovely hostess Julia, and this evening I will be back to visit as many of you as I can. But first I must do the mince-pies, and label some jars of jam and pickle for the morning.


Annie said...

Wow Kate that is a mammoth bake you have going on there!!! I love your bobbin lace ....took me back years....I still have the gear but wonder if I could remember what to do now :-)
A x #42
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Lynne K said...

Hi Kate,

I feel tired just thinking of how busy you've been today! 60 dozen mince pies?? You'll be dreaming about them! I can usually manage 2 dozen at a time at most! I love your bobbin lace motif, it's so delicate and pretty. Wish I could do bobbin lace but I've never got round to learning how.

I'd be very interested to hear what you think of your eBosser. I can't imagine ever wanting to swap my Cuttlebug, but I keep toying with the idea of getting an electronic machine as well. No idea which I'd go for though, so your opinion would be very helpful.

Hope you manage to get all your mince pies made in time!

Lynne x

Helen said...

Wow Kate I am exhausted just reading your post. Hope the mince pies total rose and that not too many were consumed!!! I bet your house smells fab today. Happy WOYWWW to you from Helen 37

Twiglet said...

You certainly have been busy. I made just 3 Christmas cakes today and thought I had done a lot!! x Jo

Laura said...

Beautiful pendant.
Wow that is a lot of mince pies - happy baking!
Happy Wednesday,

Jean Straw said...

Love the lace star decoration, very pretty. hope the baking went well. Jean x

Shoshi said...

Wow Kate, what a busy bee... and a multi-talented one at that! Great pic of you in your apron, slaving over a hot stove lol!

I did a bit of bobbin lace once (Honiton) but didn't really take to it - it's terribly fine, and extremely slow-growing!

Yes, I am really enjoying doing the album about my Dad. I appreciate that grunge and steampunk isn't up everyone's street, but I find it fascinating! It's also very appropriate for manly-type projects. I'm enjoying planning and making the interactive elements in the album, and later on there will be some mechanical parts too! Great fun to do.

I suppose I shall have to return to the card making eventually but this album is definitely more enjoyable - and therapeutic (well, that's my excuse, anyway!)

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #82

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That lace star is so very pretty, clever you!! You must have a lot of patience, Kate - firstly teaching others lacemaking requires a lot and then 60 dozen mince pies. I've put on a stone just thinking about those!!
Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

Di said...

Wow Kate, you truly are a busy lady! How super that the storage arrived so fast - you're gonna enjoy having a little sort out in your own time and then filling it up. Enjoy!

Hope you manage to meet up with Ali.

Belated Happy WOYWW and hugs, Di xx

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Lovely lace creation - if only I could've joined you, I would've known how to make up a batch as Christmas tree decorations! Have a good week, best wishes Deb # 135 xxx

JoZart said...

60 doz mince pies...wow! That,s some baking. I,ve just brought some out to Germany... Wouldn't,t be Christmas without them. Love your star decoration..it,s a treasure. Thanks for visiting mine and I,m sending good wishes from Germany to Spain.. Lv Jo x

MaxineD said...

WOW Kate - that is one baking marathon you have given yourself!!
Love the lace ornament - would you be willing to share the pricking?
What a busy woman you are - who said retirement is for lazing around!! - they were obviously not retired!

Glenda Atkins said...

You are one busy lady, 60 dozen mince pies, impressive!

marcie s said...

Good Evening:
All I can say is that you are a VERY IMPRESSIVE LADY!!!!!!!

Robin Spitzer said...

I am so impressed with your activity's! You must be very organized! and yes, you are not RETIRED! Can't be! However, working doing what YOU want to do is very enjoyable!

Have a wonderful week, and take some time to do nothing!