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Friday, August 9, 2013

Joining the Rockettes for Friday Happiness.

Yes, if you want a dose of 'feel-good',pop over to Celtic House and see what is Rocking our worlds this Friday morning.

I am starting with another photo of my lovely cat Arwen. So many folk loved the photo I posted a few weeks back, when she was sitting on my work-desk, apparently studying my 'complete and unabridged' Spanish dictionary. Well this week, she has decided it is just too hot for studying, so my dictionary is providing her with a (very uncomfortable) pillow while she snoozes under the fan!

I shall be linking this photo to Annie's Friday Smiles.

So what else has been going on here. Well not a lot really. We did do a little bit of work on Tuesday when
we decided to clean all the blinds from around the house. Unlike Venetian blinds at home, these hang outside the window and the mosquito nets, and they aren't adjustable. So they become a trap for all the dust that is blown in from Africa! They are either up or down. Right now they are often down as they go a long way to help keep the house cooler, though in my room I only have them at 'half-mast' as I prefer daylight to work in. Anyway, we took them all down and draped them along our front railings. Then I used a stiff hand brush to scrub them while Chris hosed them down. A great excuse to mess about with water on a hot morning!

On Monday I drove over to Arboleas to my wool shop. This is really just a small wooden hut in Elaine's garden, but she manages to stock a wide range of British wools, needles, patterns, buttons etc. She has one ball of everything in stock on display on the shelves, and when we have chosen what we want, her husband finds it in the garage! She has a huge clientele because Spanish wool is very harsh and either very thick or very thin, so we are happy to travel a bit to buy from her.

We have started taking the dogs out in the evenings now. This is partly for their enjoyment, and partly
because it is good for us to walk! We go around 8.00, so we can just get back before sundown. It is a little cooler by then and we take our time. As you can see there is not a lot of traffic or people to contend with! Everywhere is looking a bit sunbaked, but the setting sun makes it all look golden. It is very dusty though and we have bottles of water with us for the dogs and for us!

One  evening we got back to the beginning of our walk, just as the sun was dipping behind the hills. It was so beautiful!

Last week I showed a tiny praying mantis (It was a very young baby and could grow to several inches in length). So this week I am showing some cicadas. I know not everyone likes bugs, but I am quite fascinated by them. These creatures make sure they

tell us that summer is here. Their noise is deafening, and is continuous for most of the day. You kind of get used to it and tune it out most of the time. If they fly into anything they make an awful 'clunk'. They must be quite strong. They like to sunbathe. The two in this picture are on a telegraph pole by our gate, and on the fly screen around our porch. Their sound is like a high pitched electrical fault in the cables. If you approach them they instantly fall silent, but start up again as soon as you walk away.

My Life Group is taking a short break for the summer, but on Wednesday evening we met down on Mojacar Playa for a meal together. The food was excellent and we all had a good time together.

And finally I will share another lovely sky. For our
evening walks with the dogs we go towards the Cabrera mountains. I love them because every day they are different. The sun sets behinds us, but the reflected rays often turn the mountains a lovely rosy pink. Unusually, last night there was a bank of sea mist rolling over the top which gave us this lovely view.
Right I'm off to link up with Virginia's blog while it is still Friday! Hope to see some of you there.


Annie said...

Gorgeous photos this week Kate. You really do live in a beautiful place.
Annie x

Di said...

Oh Kate, you have some lovely phoso here. Arwen is a star of course as always :) Love the 'wool shop' - how enterprising and also how great for you to be able to shop there for good yarns.

I did grin at the blinds along the fence - years ago I had a venetian blind in a kitchen many houses ago. Of course it was a real dust and grease trap and the very best way to clean it was to tie it along the washing line and do just as you've been doing. Very wise way to tackle them Kate!

Hugs, Di xx

JoZart said...

What a lovely life you live and it's so interesting to hear about the details. Love all the pics of the beautiful skies, the cicadas and Arwen is just sweet and wise.
Enjoy your weekend and smile!
Jo x

Suzy said...

Another fab week. Love the snoozing cat - that book doesnt look too comfortable lol

The wool shop looks lush, no wonder you enjoy visiting and I love your sunset photo

Have a great week


Lesley G said...

Such a cute wool shop!
Cleaning blinds - I hate that job and don't often do it!
That sunset photo is great and I'm hoping to see a few good ones in the coming weeks on our travels.
That look like a fab group that you belong to.
Take until the next time :) x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really liked the looks of the yarn shop and it was good to know you are helping a local person who supplies quality yarn.

Yes, I'm well aware of cicadas. They really ARE deafening, but can be tuned out fairly easily. Your photos are fantastic, though. I don't think I've ever gotten that close to one, except in the garden when I had no camera handy.

Gotta love your intelligent kitty. Bleubeard is jealous. All he gets is a floor! They DO get in the most unique positions, don't they.

Thanks for the beautiful photos and happy smiles today.

fairy thoughts said...

Cats know the best places don't they?
Lovely photo and the yarn shop looks really interesting

Angie said...

Great post ...and the cat shot is just so feline ....mind you some of ours run from fans.
As foe our Holly ...If you look closely at the first photo you will see a little of Holly near Barnaby (the black and white one) ....she is an African Pygmy Hedgehog.....bred in UK as a pet by an amazing breeder ...she is so cute and has her own cage like a hampster would but plays in her pen and has a bath and swim every other week....she loves cats.

MaxineD said...

What a great post Kate - loved all the differences between our lifestyles :-) Arwen is typical cat - can make it look comfortable anywhere!
Beautiful country you chose to retire in!

Chidkid said...

That wool shop is fantastic.. how enterprising of them!
Such special times.. those are very lucky dogs.. and of course Arwen is such a clever 'putty tat'

Virginia said...

Wow that wool shop is fantastic - I'm not a knitter but appreciate being able to get hold of good craft supplies!

Loving the photos of the mountain and beautiful sunsets too - what fabulous views you have.

Your life group looks lovely, how fabulous to catch up with friends regularly.

Loving the photo of your cat too keeping cool - such intelligent creatures!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Natasha said...

I love yarn shops! :) A bunch of lovely moments noted, I love bugs, and Cicadas, you do tune them out. I suddenly notice they are here, and then I notice when they are quiet, but you become used to them for the most part. They scream summer to me so I don't mind them in the slightest.

Hope you are having a fabulous week. :)

Neet said...

Love the walk picture and the sunsets.
Isn't it funny how cats do things like Arwen has - sleeping with her head on the dictionary. She must be reasonably comfortable though or she probably wouldn't stay - not even for the fan.
Thanks for a really interesting and informative post - nice to see a bit of your life.
Hugs, Neet xx