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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Follow me to Stamping Ground where our hostess Julia links us up to crafting friends from around the world. Why not join in too?
My own desk is in a muddle which does at least mean that for once I am doing some real craft!
So what can you see? There are three projects on the go; (four if you count the knitting pattern at the back that I have just downloaded!). I am having another go at kirigami. Buoyed up by the success of my first attempt I thought I would do something for my grandson's birthday. Let's just say there is a dinosaur involved, and it is proving a lot more difficult than the lion family were. This is just a rough trial using ordinary copy paper to see how it goes together. Hopefully it will be easier when I cut it in card. I am hampered by the fact that I couldn't survive in here without both the ceiling and floor-standing fans on, so every time I put a piece down, it blows away. (I turned them off for the photo!). You may also just glimpse a rather cute little dinosaur which is also a trial to see what colours I am working with. It is a digi stamp and I will be using it on the front of my card. The copics are out to colour it but I think that was a bit optimistic of me for today.
Also out are the sticky carrier mat for my silhouette and some green vinyl, along with a photo frame that I picked up on my last visit to Ikea, which is about to be altered. I have no idea how, but I'll have to do something with it!
I think for now I had better settle for just one of these projects, and clear the rest away. I may just go and start the knitting!

Just for fun here are three more photos. I come down to my room every morning to check e-mails etc and usually the first thing I do is turn on the fan. Immediately  Arwen comes to my table and lays out in front of it like this. She might stay there all day if I go off and forget to turn the fan off. I don't blame her really. I feel the same.

Today, I left my desk in it's current state, and went off to feed the dogs, make a cuppa etc. This is not something I often do because I am likely to come back and find all my bits and pieces scattered, but the heat makes Arwen lethargic, (and me!) so I thought it would be safe today. But I came back to find her trying to find a place to lay in front of the fan! I shouted at her and she fled! I had my camera in my hand so I was just in time to catch a blur of white fur.
She's back again now, and I've given up and left her to it. It is only a trial run after all. I'll fight her off tomorrow when I do the real thing! She can be a real a pain sometimes, but I would really miss her if she wasn't in here.

It is late on Tuesday night now so I will tidy up and get to bed. I'll be linking this up with Stamping Ground in the morning. See you all over there.


JoZart said...

It looks like you're being really creative but I wouldn't like to pick up all those bits of paper if the fan got them. Arwen looks so cute and what a star she is.
Jo x

Annie said...

How would we manage without fans but like you I struggle with moving targets when they are on :-) my fabrics, paper patterns etc are never quite so easy to get pinned down :-)
A x # 59

MaxineD said...

Oh yes, those cats certainly rule the roost - I have one that does that too. Ruling, that is - we don't need fans here, but he will still play with things given half a chance.
Looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs when complete.

Spyder said...

I love your cat, guarding your pens! and yes, I know, my pots are too high, even for me! silly idea I had waaaay back of putting colour-coding the Promarkers, so all the greens would be in a green one...etc, didn't work, as I had to keep taking them down to see the colours! Still making a turntable for them! Good luck with your kirigami. , is that like origami? Happy WOYWW!!
((Lyn)) I was #38

Julia Dunnit said...

Arrgghh.I'd rather not have the fan on, it drives me to distraction! Aren't we all wired differently. Arwen makes me laugh - even squashed up against the pen box she's getting some cool. I thought this thing for sitting all over your work was about the undivided attention!

Lynda Norton said...

Wow, you put me to shame with the stamina for all those projects. I'm too tired to manage anything today, except visiting desks.

Arwen is very cute, and I agree with her on the fan too - surprised the dogs dont share too though.

Lynda #82

Regina Hamilton said...

Wow...You really have a lot going on. I like your marker storage. happy crafting #1

JoZart said...

Thanks for your comment Kate and I appreciate your candid crit of my book. I must admit I really enjoy the act of doing things so "way out' but that's it nowadays as I don't find any worth in the result. I ask myself what things like that are for and I admit that they are neither use nor ornament to be honest! I am finding that I want to make things that are more usable now and that's what is making me vere towards knitting and sewing.
Love jo x

okienurse said...

busy desk and I love your furry helper...helping herself to the cooler air. It is almost 100 deg right now...Miserable weather. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk and commenting. Vickie #36

Roberta B said...

Hello, Im Roberta 110, Im on my 2nd week of this and looking at every ones goodies has really got me doing things..now I cant wait till mine looks nice and tidy. Pens I love them and you have so many. and you cat is lovely.. do you have fur all the time? Sam likes to leave some for me when hes being a bratt. Thanks for letting me peek around. Bright Blessing to you and yours

Danie May said...

Cats always know the best places to lie, especially when its hot. I have one girl who likes sitting on the washing machine when its on. Maybe that is her way of getting a massage... I love seeing pictures of your little helper today and look forward to seeing your finished dinosaur card. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

Twiglet said...

Priceless photos!! x Jo

Neet said...

Arwen steals the show again! Those felines have a habit of doing just that.
Sounds as if you have a lot on Kate - As usual.

Hush Neet xx 50 off to look Kiribati up???

April Story said...

My daughter's two kitties, Molly and Peanut love to sit on top of my projects. Even when the ink is still wet. LOL But they are so cute just like Arwen. April #122

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know I stopped by for Friday Smiles, but I'm playing catch up with WOYWW after having been offline for nearly three days.

Your little dinosaur is going to be fantastic after you have him together. He actually LOOKS hard.

Thanks for stopping by earlier, and happy quite belated WOYWW from #2.