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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daisies and Butterfly

Last Thursday I went to my monthly parchment class, with some trepidation. I do not find this medium very easy to work with. It is tiring on both the hands and the eyes, and it is too 'slow' for me. I am used to making cards in an evening, but parchment has to be done in stages, allowing time for it to rest in-between each stage, and that's hard for me. Also our class has dwindled to just two of us, so it is not as social as it was. However I have mastered the basics, but at our last lesson we both struggled, and neither of us were very pleased with our end result.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it one more go so I turned up on Thursday and found I really liked the project Brenda had prepared for us. It was a simple DL card with some very basic embossing (the bit I don't get on with very well) and a nice, straightforward grid-work border (the bit I do like doing until my eyes give up and I start seeing double!). So I got stuck in with a more positive attitude, and although I didn't finish it at the class (10.00-4.00), I did finish it off when I got home, and have now mounted it up on a piece of green card (greener than it looks in the photo), held it in place with some sticky ribbon, and added the parchment butterfly. I positioned it to hide my only mistake in the grid work - there's method in my madness!

Of course, I thought it needed a touch of bling so I added a small rhinestone to the centre of each flower, and just a tiny drop of stickles to the butterfly wings. And for once I have a card that I will be happy to send to someone.

When I started parchment classes I asked the tutor what is the difference between parchment and vellum, and she said 'nothing', so I think I can enter this card in the challenge over on The little Red Wagon;


MaxineD said...

That is one stunning card Kate - love the wee butterfly :-). I think we would be amazed at how many little butterflies and the like actually cover up boo boos if we ever knew :-)

Jean Straw said...

This is a really pretty card Kate. I love the design and the lovely butterfly.
Jean x

Saskia said...

Very beautiful card, Kate. I've never ventured into the parchment world for the same reasons you don't like it very much. Though the results are spectacular.

Tammy said...

Very cool effect with the punched out Xs! Makes it look like lace! Very impressive that you actually made the parchment paper too! Now that's commitment!
Thanks for playing along with us at LRW!!

Di said...

Hi Kate! Sorry, I missed this post somehow - it could have been when I was frying other fish, in fact am sure it was.

I love your parchment work and the end result is beautiful. No way could I contemplate trying but do so admire others for doing so. You must have immense patience Kate!

Hugs, Di xx

Glenda Atkins said...

Awesome work on this card and it is soooo beautiful! Love it all!

JoZart said...

Super, exquisite, card but I too find this technique too time consuming. I always seemed to make a little mistake near the end after hours of concentration too!
Jo x