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Saturday, February 9, 2013

My mini-album is complete!

In my previous post I showed some cut-outs for a mini-album and several folk said they would like to see when it is finished, so here goes.

I couldn't get a shot that showed much of the inside so I made a board showing all the pages.

This was the end task for an online course I was following to help me understand the full range of my Silhouette  Cameo machine. There are three sets of classes altogether, and I have just completed the first set, so I have a way to go yet, but already I have learned a lot. The courses were purchased from Jessica Sprague, though the tutor is actually Kerri Bradford.
I am also working through a self-paced course, this time tutored by Jessica, on using Adobe Photoshop, and some of what I have learned so far was useful when it came to the photos I was using for my mini-album. They are all quite recent, but I needed to convert them to black and white files and crop them to the required proportions and sizes.
Apart from the photos, a couple of rhinestones and oddments of ribbon and lace, everything from the shaped pages, to the script and the embellishments, were all cut with my silhouette. We were given the shapes in the course materials file, so the classes were more about how to resize them, the difference between grouped items and compound paths, and how to make our chosen titles using any font on our computer. (I could have done a lot of this already, but in a much more roundabout way. I now understand the purpose of a lot of buttons I have ignored up until now, so I should be much more efficient with future projects).
I used the course example as a guideline, but I did make a couple of extra embellishments, and arrange them and the  photos in a slightly different order. The colour scheme came from the tutorial as well, as we were supplied with the backing papers to print. I did use some of them but also substituted a couple with some from my stash.

Now I have made this one I feel confident to start from scratch and make one using my own ideas for colours, embellishments etc. I have an idea lurking at the back of my mind, but it may have to stay there for a while.


Saskia said...

Wonderful project, you can be proud of yourself. It's a lot of work but then it is something that will last a lifetime or more.

JoZart said...

Wonderful keepsake and super treasure you've made there. Now I bet you make even more!
Lots of love Jo x

Jean Straw said...

This is a fabulous little album Kate. I bet you had fun making it. I love all the cut out elements and titles.
Jean x

Ali Wade said...

Fabulous work. I must take a class like that. Only used my Cameo to cut out basic stuff at the moment. Ali x

fatmonica said...

It's gorgeous.I love the black and white photos and the blue/brown colour scheme.

MaxineD said...

Great work Kate, and good on you for attempting new things!