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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I nearly didn't post this week as there is very little on my workdesk. In fact there is nothing - zilch - nada! Not even a cat, though, as you can see, she isn't far away. I have been to my usual knitting/sewing group this morning and decided against starting a new paper-craft project this afternoon.

Instead I made my workdesk the table out in the garden, where I sat and worked on a small piece of lace that I wanted to finish. It is a bracelet and I need to get several of them made over the next couple of weeks. Viewed from the other side, you can see that instead of the cats, I had our three hounds for company. Well one is a hound. the black one is his soppy sister, and the smaller one is a fussy little girl. They mainly live outdoors but they like it when we sit out with them.

Now my bracelet is finished and I am back indoors. So it is time to think about how I can mess up that tidy desk! But first I'm going over to Julia's blog to see what everyine else is getting up to today.


Julia Dunnit said...

Still sitting out in October - marvellous! and lace making too - no end to your skill!

L00py's Craft Creations said...

OH the light must have been marvellous for doing lace!!!
must grab my mums before it vanishes!!
Have fun messing up that awful clean space!! lol

Lou #63

dianneo said...

The cat doesn't want to sit on your desk because it's empty. Cats like to sit on top of stuff, especially if you're working on it! :)

Made by Mandy said...

Well you have a different worktable this week and it is lovely to see your doggies, they don't usually get a look in with the cat's on your table so that makes a lovely change to see more of your furry family :)

Your lace looks lovely. I am always fascinated by how intricate it is and love your bobbins with the jewelled beads on the end, very pretty.

I managed to make 3 DT cards yesterday and the mushroom one has come out really nicely, it will be on my blog on Tuesday. The paper is from the Woodland Folks pad by Papermania and has been one of my most used pads throughout this year. It's got little woodland characters on it and all the papers are double sided so it was a fab purchase and as you could tell from my photos I love Autumn.

Love Mandy xxx

Kelly Luckett said...

you must have been cold sitting out at this time of year? Hope you manage to finish your projects soon. The hounds are cute x

MaggieC said...

Lace making, that is a complex craft, but so pretty. Hope you get everything done.

Electra said...

Wow, lace making-who cares aboput your workdesk? Happy late WOYWWED!

Shoshi said...

Hi Kate, gradually working my way to the end of the WOYWW list!! How amazing, sitting outside to work at the end of October... Today's a different story though - pouring with rain here lol!! And so dark... I love your lace! Is it Tourchon? I did a bit of Honiton for a while so understand the principles of how it is constructed, and how much work is involved. My goddaughter did Tourchon and I made a couple of bookmarks under her direction - they are still in my Bible! I love the beads on your bobbins - of course with Honiton you don't have those because a) makes them too heavy, and b) you have to sew with the bobbins so they have pointed ends, but there are loads of other ways to decorate them! Some are exquisite. Happy belated WOYWW, hugs, Shoshi #84