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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What's on my workdesk? Well to be really honest the answer is very little! This is usually the case on Wednesday mornings which is my main reason for not joining in this bit of fun very often.

Because my two resident cats, who consider this to be their room not mine, have very long hair which they shed almost continuously, and also because if I leave anything on my desk they sit on it, I am used to clearing everything away on a daily basis. On Wednesday mornings I go to a little sewing group in the next town, so I haven't usually got anything out by lunch time. But I was home a bit earlier today so I thought I'd quickly finish off two ATCs that I started yesterday, and then assemble a couple more Christmas cards. Elements of these are at the left hand side of the photo, and the almost completed ATCs are in the foreground.
As for the yellow tray, well that is my 'work in progress' tray. I often work quite late in the evening and then I am too tired to clear away properly so anything I am working on goes on this tray which I slot on top of my files on the bookshelf. Today it has mostly new stamps on it that I have mounted onto foam, but not yet catalogued, snippets of paper, nice envelopes that I want to salvage parts of, and plastic trays full of odd beads, brads, bits of ribbon etc. Unfortunately I am very bad at clearing this at the end of a project and every now and then it gets so piled up that it won't fit on the shelf. We have reached crisis point again this week, so I thought if I got it out and stuck it on my desk in front of me, I might just be shamed into putting everything away before I start a new project. Well maybe ..... First I think I'll just finish off those Christmas cards!

As predicted, it didn't take my beautiful Arwen long t
o realise that the top of my new wide-format printer, makes a perfect cradle for her siesta - most of the day! Hence the coloured cloth covering it. But I have to say it is really funny to see her jump up whenever I print something!

Thank you for joining me in my little haven this week. If you would like to see what other crafters are up to, pop over to Julia's blog and take a peek.


Shoshi said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Another brick fan!! I can't believe what a difference it has made. Wish I'd done it years ago.

I'm afraid our 2 kitties are banned from my ARTHaven. Phoebe's not too bad but Beatrice is just tooo nosy for anyone. There's nothing she likes more than to rummage, pull things out, knock things off, and CHEW stuff! My hubby can put up with her in his study, chewing all his paperwork, but I'm not that generous I'm afraid! So my ARTHaven is a kitty-free zone!

Happy WOYWW. I never get to the end of the list either. Too many!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I would print stuff off just to make my cat jump - isn't that mean of me. But Arwen looks as if she wouldn't do that for anything, lol!
ugs, LLJ #40 xx

Sharne Davies said...

thanks for the comment on my blog about Kyrenia. We have had a couple of fab holidays over in the north and find it just like the south used to be in the 70's before the found tourism. My husband and i were both in the RAF and met at Akrotiri so Cyrus holds very good memories. Sounds like you are being crafty in foreign climes - good for you. Happy crafting Sharne #31

Marjo said...

Yikes, blogger is acting up on me..hopfully this will post...thanks for the peek and sharing.

xoxo Marjo

Di said...

Arwen looks so comfy - naughty Mummy daring to print things! I do use most of my scissors Kate, but of course have the favourites at the ends of the mug bars for quick access :)) Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx

April said...

Ha Ha I just have a vision of your cat walking round with glitter / snowflakes etc etc etc all over it's fur :o) The "work in progress" tray is a good idea! Although I think if I tried that my tray would also end up piled high!!! x

fairyrocks said...

I think it is great that you tidy away your projects. I am thinking the printer is warm too for your kitty. Keep smiling and creating

L00py's Craft Creations said...

sorry laughing at the tray, I wish, mines a deep sided tray and its overflowing, and I only cleared it out this morning,lol, too many bits and too few places to fit it. Love your Arwen, I have a rottie pup that 1 eats everything, including card-stock that he shouldn't, and he sits under my feet while I'm at the computer, keeping my feet warm, he doesn't like it when I move lol

Bridget Larsen said...

Bridget #28 so interesting to see where everyone lives, I've seen a lot of UK WOYWW players but you are the first from Spain. See you on Wednesday