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Friday, January 6, 2012

365 Frost

Suzie's word for today is Frost. Not an easy one for me as we rarely see such a thing in Los Gallardos, so I have cheated a bit and am using a photo (taken in the early hours of this morning) of the Christmas street lights on the other side of the village. (We have blue angels and snowy churches by us). There is nothing extraordinary about it, but it just tickles me that they choose a snowflake as the feature of their lights when so many of the villagers have never seen snow. If it were a real snowflake it would be long gone. In the full sun, we must have been up around 30º today! I know frost isn't quite the same as snow but allow me a little photographic license today please. Follow my link to Suzie's blog and see how everyone else has interpreted this theme.


Alison Roots said...

I lived in Tanzania East Africa for many years and there would be snowmen gift bags on sale in the market even in June and July, used to crease me up.

Suzie said...

lol, that is funny :) Lovely photo x

Tracy said...

I also battled a bit today. Great picture.

Janice said...

Smart thinking, great image.

Totty Teabag said...

Definitely thinking outside the box!

Shoshi said...

Lovely balmy-weather snowflake, Kate! (Or should that be barmy??) Lol!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, the shelves are pretty high, but I am only keeping stuff rarely used at the top, and I've got a very good little set of steps with a handle so I'll be quite safe! If I'm feeling wobbly I'll get my hubby to help!