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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Days 7 and 8

Yesterday, for my photo, I chose the only cup that really cheers for me, a good old cup of tea. When I order this in Spain I am never sure what I will get. It ranges from hot water with just a hint of brown in it and no sign of milk or lemon, to a cup of cold milk with a teabag floating in it. I am amazed that they drink so much coffee out here but have not discovered how much more refreshing tea is. I like to use an old-fashioned teapot and loose tea, but that is not available out here, so I buy it in bulk, on line. So here is my photo for day 7; Drink.

Today's word is Cosy, and although we are having an exceptionally warm and sunny time right now, the minute the sun drops below the horizon it does get really chilly. With no central heating, and cold stone floors throughout the house, at tea time we all don our trousers, socks and fur-lined slippers, but I don't need those and I've got the cosiest toes here.

Miki may be a girl but she's no lady! I'm not sure whether she's just playing 'dead' or whether she's telling me something about my feet!!

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Suzie said...

Hmmm not sure I fancy Spanish tea! Glad to hear you have a ready supply at home though. LOL at your doggie!!

She said...

Great photos..love Miki! S xx

Di said...

Fab photos Kate! I do agree about Spanish tea - and you're right about it being much more refreshing too! Di xx

fatmonica said...

Brilliant photos.I love that cup and saucer and your dog's gorgeous!I like the idea of all these photos-I may join you!