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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days 9 and 10

Well I don't seem to be doing much craft work right now, though I did stick to my resolve and made five more cards like the robin one I posted last week.

This week I have concentrated on photography, mainly because I want to get in the habit of taking quick photos wherever I am, and particularly to enable me to keep up with project 365. I am also battling to get to grips with Adobe photoshop. I have bought a photoboard online which has 31 frames on it to take the photos from each day for a month. I read an article on using this in the new scrapbook magazine - Scrap 365 - and wanted to give it a try. I have to say that for someone who has never used photoshop before, this was a lot harder than it looked, but I have finally mastered it and my first photos are in place, and hopefully I will be able to add the rest daily, without too much of a problem. When the board is full I will show it on here.

Todays word on Suzie's blog is Metallic. By pure chance, when I popped into the local craft shop this morning, I picked up these pretty metallic self-adhesive studs. I thought they would be more useful than brads because they are so flat. When I got home and saw today's word I took a quick photo of them. They are not very artistically arranged because I haven't decided what I will be using them for yet. So I thought I was all done and dusted, but at teatime today, my dear husband took me down the road and bought me a new microwave. (After living here for three years, it still seems strange that little village shops re-open around six o'clock, but sometimes it is very convenient). My new oven is all shiny stainless steel, inside and out, so I took a photo of that too because goodness knows how long it will stay like it!

This is yesterday's photo for the word Water. One of my cats is an avid water drinker, so last spring I treated them all to a fountain which keeps their water aerated and fresh. They all love it, but particularly Baggins who sits by it and tells me off if the level is too low. A few days ago the pump failed and he was very disgruntled about it, but yesterday I fixed it and he immediately sat and lapped at it for ages. I was fascinated to watch how fast his little pink tongue went in and out. In fact I had to take several photos before I caught it in action.

I am actually keeping two separate folders of 365 photos, and the second one has no theme; just anything that catches my eye. So I am going to share today's photo which is a Romanesco cauliflower. Isn't it just beautiful! The mathematician in me sees Fibonacci spirals, and living in a house of computer buffs I also think fractals, but the rest of me just thinks how beautiful nature can be. It is almost a shame to eat it, but I like them too much to let it go to waste, so it will be in the pot by the end of the week.


Shirley-anne said...

Hello Kate .All very interesting photos ..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS
I particularly loved the photo of Miki.
see you again soon
hugs Shirley-Anne

Saskia said...

That looks like a yummy Romanesco.

Shoshi said...

Kate, thank you for your kind post - I've emailed you. I'm feeling better than I was!!

I am very intrigued by this new project of yours, taking a photo each day. Too late to start this year, but I might think about it next year - it's a lovely idea! I chose to comment on today's because I simply adore those Romanesco caulis and am very intrigued by the Fibonacci series, and fractals too. If you go to my Skydrive (link in my blog sidebar) you will see a texture overlay that I did from a photo of one of these caulis.

You have got a beautiful kitty! If he is drinking a lot of water, have you had his kidneys checked? Being thirsty is a symptom of kidney problems in kitties. We have a job to get ours to drink at all - pointless giving them water as they don't touch it. You sometimes see them drinking out of the pond or the bird bath, though! Perhaps they're like me and can't stand the taste of tap water lol!!