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Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABC of me

This is a bit of fun that I saw on my friend Jill's blog, and she suggested that we might like to have a go as well. So copy the ABC headings on to your blog and have a go. Let me know if you do, so I can learn a bit more about you.

: 64 later this year, but who's counting?
Bed Size:
King size definitely. You need it in the heat of a Spanish summer!
Chore you hate: Most housework, because with the dust out here you can never win.
Dogs:Three and four cats. Hubby does more with the dogs than I do. I'm a cat lady really.
Essential start of your day: A mug of tea; proper loose leaf tea made in a teapot!
Favourite Colour:
All the colours of the rainbow. I can't settle on one. It depends what mood I'm in.
Gold or silver:
Gold usually. My most treasured piece is Mum's gold chain, but I like silver when I am wearing blue, and I use both in my craft.
Height: 5’4½″ That ½ is very important!
Instruments I play or have played:
Only grade 1 level on a piano because it was necessary to get into teacher training college, but I have a son who is a top class rock drummer and one who writes and sings his own songs and plays piano, guitar, saxaphone and anything else he can get his hands on.
Job Title:
Retired nursery school manager.
Five sons, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandson on the way.
For the last 20 years I lived in Oswestry on the Welsh/English border, but now we live permanently in Andalucia, Spain.
Mum’s Name: Anna Hilda Julia. I always thought that sounded very grand. Mostly she was known as Hilda.
Only Kathy as a teenager and then Kate. Really I am Kathleen
Overnight hospital stays: As a small child to have tonsils out, then in my thirties for a spinal op, followed by a post-miscarriage D&C, and more recently major surgery on my shoulder.
Pet Peeve:
When I have struggled for hours to do something on my computer and my husband comes and does it in minutes!
Quote from a movie:
I rarely watch films and haven't watched any closely enough to quote them now.
Right or left handed: Right, but I learned to manage with my left after my shoulder op. I'm very independent and hated relying on others for help.
Five sisters and two brothers (Only one brother alive now), and we are all close and keep in touch 'across the miles'.
Time you wake up:
7.30 to take the dogs out, but if I have an after lunch siesta I sometimes need a crowbar to get me going again!
Yes, thank you, always, but I go for comfort over elegance these days.
Vegetables you dislike:
Broad beans.
What makes you run late:
X-rays you’ve had done:
Lots. Feet (calcium spur), both wrists (carpel tunnel and torn ligaments), spine including myeloscopy(with injected dye), arm (collapsed bicep), shoulder (rotor cuff and torn muscles), leg (torn ham-string), MRI, etc. I'm a bit of a crock really or just clumsy, but they usually manage to put me together again!
Yummy food you make:
I bake cakes, pastries biscuits and make marmalade and jam, but my speciality is mince pies at Christmas.
Zoo animal:
Orangutangs and Tigers.

I can't do a blog with no photos at all so I'll leave you with this one that goes with my last comment 'Tigers'. It shows a magical moment that I will treasure for ever, and was taken at a Buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Just look at the size of those feet!

Now you know a bit about me. I wonder whether any of it fits the mental picture you have formed if you have visited my crafting blog before. I know that the new Chocolate Baroque website with the members photos on it, has given me quite a few surprises. It's good to get to know my crafting friends a bit better.


Jill said...

Hi Kate!

Great getting to know maore about you and really chuffed you joined in.

I'm so jealous you've been that close to a tiger. They are amazing creatures and you're right about being huge. No wonder they are such efficient killers!



erasercarver said...

Hi there!
Followed your link from Jill's blog and it's lovely to find out about you. I absolutely *love* the photo of you with the tiger - what an amazing experience that must have been.

Made by Mandy said...

Wow, what a fabulous photo of you with the Tiger, it must have been an amazing experience and I am sure one you will never forget.

Love Mandy xxx